Western Australia

Wilderness Island

Wilderness Island has been recognised as the “best flats fishing destination in Australia”. The camp is located 15m from the high water mark. So ready access to some of the best fishing opportunities in Australia, is right on your doorstep.

Broome Sailfish

Our Broome game boat is owned and operated by fishing enthusiasts who are committed to providing an all round experience that results in full customer satisfaction. Whilst specialising in Billfish, they are happy to customise your trip to suit your needs.

The Great Escape Kimberley Barramundi Safari

Catch a Barramundi in one of the “secret spots”, harvest oysters, observe whales, dolphins, turtles and crocodiles while visiting this remarkable landscape and truly experience Australia’s most intriguing Final Frontier.

Kimberley Coastal Camp

Huge tidal rivers, mangrove creeks, estuaries, offshore reefs and islands will be just some of the different scenic backdrops to your day’s fishing. Professional and highly experienced guides know all the best fishing spots.

Sal Salis

The fishing camp with a difference – Sal Salis is no ordinary fishing camp, it is in fact one of Australia’s most luxurious tented wilderness camps and provides the perfect opportunity to combine first class living with a five star fishing experience.