Q: Why should I leave my fishing holiday planning to Ultimate Fishing Australia rather than do it myself?

A: That’s easy. It’s like taking a chance on doing some electrical wiring in your house when you know a qualified electrician will do the job better. Experts in any field will always provide a slicker, more efficient service and Ultimate Fishing Australia is an organisation staffed by experts.

Q: Will it cost more to book through Ultimate Fishing Australia rather than do it myself?

A: Again that’s easy. No it won’t cost you anymore.  We quote the same rates as going to the properties direct, however by booking through us at Ultimate Fishing Australia; you have the advantage of our expertise, experience, excellent guides, attention to detail and contact with us if needed while you are travelling. You will have the services of one of our team being on call for you the whole time you are travelling, should any emergency or anything unforseen arise. Lastly will reconfirm all of your arrangements while you are travelling, so you can just relax and enjoy the time fishing  knowing that everything is under control.

Q: Sea sickness has always been a problem for me, so offshore fishing is not an option. What else can I do?

A: Many keen fishos suffer from sea sickness and our advice is to opt for a calm water alternative. We offer protected waters fishing in several locations, such as Bullo River, Kimberley Coastal Camp and Haggerstone Island. Don’t stop fishing because you get sick offshore, just choose your destination wisely.

Q: When is the best time to book a barramundi trip?

A: Traditionally, the ‘run-off’ after the Wet Season and the ‘build-up’ prior to the next Wet Season are prime barra fishing periods in the Australian tropics. April/May and October/November are hot weatherwise, but they’re also hot months to chase barra.

Q: Do I need much gamefishing experience to tackle kingfish, tuna and samson fish off Port Lincoln?

A: No. Your guides and crew aboard have decades of experience between them and their job is get you catching big fish as quickly as possible. These guys get great satisfaction from instructing inexperienced anglers as well as finding them fish.

Q: How easy is it get to some of Australia’s best fishing destinations?

A: Ultimate Fishing Australia is a specialist in helping you to arrange the best available flights to your destination. We can book all your air charters and on land transfers if required. Because of the volume the company books annually, rates are competitive.

Q: Am I guaranteed good fish when I book an Ultimate Fishing Australia package?

A: No one can ever make an iron-clad guarantee when it comes to fishing, as there are so many variables involved. However, Ultimate Fishing Australia’s guides will bend over backwards to maximise your chances at the fish of a lifetime. They know their home waters intimately, which puts you in the box seat from day one.

Q: How do I know the guides you use are fully qualified and carry the proper insurance?

A: We only deal with the best fishing guides available in our range of destinations. We check to ensure they have all the necessary credentials, their boats meet survey requirements and they hold mandatory insurance. You will be safe and secure in their care.